Buffalo Blue Spanish Cheese

Buffalo Blue Spanish Cheese is a recent creation of our family of Garrotxa cheese dairy products and is the only one that is entirely produced in Spain. Jaume and María, a couple in their sixties, owns this artisan cheese factory located in the Garrotxa valley, in the Catalan countryside, near the Pyrenean mountain chain.

This amazing blue cheese is made from pasteurized buffalo milk, something rare in Spain. It is carefully handmade. It has a characteristic crumbly and creamy texture. The paste is crossed by blue-green veins due to the penicilium roqueforti. The flavor is intense, typical of a blue cheese, but not strong.

Buffalo Blue cheese is combined with walnuts or any type of bread. Ideal as an aperitif or on a cheese board, it is also ideal for meat sauces. It combines perfectly with sweet white wines, mistela, Garnatxa wines and sweet cava.


Weight: 1,800 kg / wedges

Ripeness: 2 Months

Packaging: Aluminium paper


Region: Cataluña

Region: Cataluña

Ripeness: 2 months


Weight: 1,800kg/wedges

Milk: Pasteurised buffalo’s milk

Packaging:Aluminium paper