Caprisano Goat Cheese with Bifidus

Caprisano cheese is made from pasteurized Murciana goat milk, with a low content of fat and sodium, and then enriched with active bifidus. A small portion of cow milk provides its characteristic smoothness to the cheese. Ripened for 30 days, the texture is very soft and creamy; its mild flavor melting in the mouth.

Ideal for sandwiches and diced on salads. Suitable for people on a diet or just looking for healthier cheeses.

Caprisano cheese is produced in the same dairy as our award-winning Murcia al Vino PDO, Rosemary goat cheese, Servilleta and Paprika Goat cheese.

PDO: Yes

Weight: 2 kg / 600 g / wedges

Ripeness: 1 month

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Murcia