Carrat Cheese

Made from pasteurized goat milk in a small dairy in Catalonia, Carrat is a soft paste cheese covered in vegetable charcoal on which a white–grayish mould develops. It has a developed taste in spite of its short maturation (three weeks) and is very creamy, almost liquid inside.

Presented in square shape in a small wooden box or in bigger rectangular logs, Carrat is an artisanal cheese made on a small dairy of the region of Catalonia. This cheese is made trough an acid type coagulation, with low amounts of rennet, under low coagulation temperatures (20ºC-25ºC) and quite long coagulation time process (aprox. 18-24 hours).

Carrat pairs very well with Pinot Noir or Gamay Noir wines.

PDO: no

Weight: 375g

Ripeness: 21-30 days

Packaging: Wax paper


Region: Cataluña