Andalusian cured pasteurized goat’s milk

This cheese factory use high quality raw material, pure milk from local goats of malaga. the dairy have a firm commitment with health through a production process with the strictest quality controls and the sustainability and future of livestock, according to the highest demands and market challenges.

Cheese with dark-colored rind, as a consequence of smearing oil on the mold layer it develops. its ivory yellow paste turns into darker shades depending on the degree of maturation. it has a characteristic smell of roquefort and camembert. in the mouth it is buttery, smooth and persistent on the palate. the aroma degrades from the outside to the inside due to the oil, recalling the cellar conditions. taste degraded from the outside, developed and intense, slightly spicy.


Weight: 2,5 Kg / 500Gr

Ripeness: 6 Months


Region: Andalucia