Ecological cheese

This ecological cheese is made by an excellent dairy with ecological agriculture. it is a livestock production system intimately linked to organic farming that achieves high quality, healthy, safe and tasty products. the main objective of this small artisanal dairy is animal welfare.

  • Semicured ecological (gz-02): made with payoya goat’s milk, this cheese has a soft taste and tender texture. the surface is covered with extra virgin olive oil.
  • With paprika ecological (gz-04): 100% payoya goat’s milk from montes de alcalá, its flavor is soft, aromatic, spicy enriched by the natural properties of paprika which gives the cheese an original aroma and flavor.
  • Cured ecological (gz-05): cheese cured for more than three months, has an intense flavor and smell. hard texture and covered by a thin layer of olive oil, it floods the mouth of flavor in every bite


Weight: 800g, 1,3kg, 2,5kg

Ripeness: 3 month, 45-70 days


Region: Andalucia