Garrotxa Catalonian Cheese

Garrotxa cheese is an artisanal cheese produced in Catalonian regions of Garrotxa and L’Anoia. Jaume and María, a couple in their sixties, own this artisan family-run dairy located in a 250 years old hamlet in the Garrotxa valley, close to the Pyrenees mountain range.

Made from pasteurized goat’s milk, Garrotxa cheese has a natural blue-greyish mold rind, due to the extremely humid climate of the area where it is produced. The texture is buttery and creamy and its soft paste is of an intense white. It has a unique mild and long lasting taste, slightly sweet and lactic, balanced and not too goaty. Garrotxa has a mild aroma of nuts and mushrooms.

Thinly sliced it is perfect as a snack with fresh bread and wine. Garrotxa cheese is delicious with young fruity white wines, Sherries or Sweet muscatels. Awarded the Silver medal at 2011 World Cheese Awards and the Bronze medal at 2010 World Cheese Awards


Weight: 1kg, 350g, 250g

Ripeness: 45 days

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Cataluña