Goat Cheese from Miraflores

10 years ago, Jose Luis started a project to recover the traditional Miraflores cheese, famous in the 19th century but lost in the present. Located in the heart of the natural park of Guadarrama mountainous range in Madrid, our small family-run dairy produces an astonishing goat cheese exclusively using milk from local livestock.

It is an all-natural semi-hard cheese that evokes the traditional shepherd’s cheeses. Its natural rind is free of any anti-mold agent: the cheese is brushed along the ripening process to remove the mold that naturally grows in the rind. The paste is ivory white with plenty of small eyes. The taste is mild and balanced, with a lactic flavor in the young cheeses. Hints of nuts and hazelnuts appear in the wheel closer to 4 months of ripening.

It can be enjoyed as part of a cheese plate or with extra virgin olive oil.

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Awarded the Bronze medal at 2014 World Cheese Awards and finalist at 2014 Sofi Awards2014


Weight: 2,5kg

Ripeness: 2-4 months

Packaging: Natural / Vacuum


Region: Madrid