Iberico Cheese Bonvallis

Bonvallis Iberico Cheese is a Manchego-style cheese, one of the most eaten in Spain and often sold as Manchego: both cheeses are molded in the same pattern thus showing the same hatched pattern imprinted into its rind.

An authentic Iberico Cheese must have, by law, a maximum of 50% of cow milk, a minimum of 15% of goat and a minimum 15% of sheep milk. If these amounts are not specified on the label the cheese cannot be labelled Iberico.

Since 1984 our family-run dairy produces Iberico Cheese in Valladolid, the capital of Castilla y León. The region is well known for its vast production of sheep and blend cheeses and cured meat products. Long cold winters and dry hot summers are the perfect conditions for manufacturing these products.

With a compact and firm texture of irregular eyes, Bonvallis Iberico Cheese has herby grassy flavors coming from the goat and ewe milk as well as a smooth texture it due to the cow milk. Mild and buttery in the palate, it is also slightly lactic, yet tasty and aromatic.

Bonvallis Iberico can be semi-cured (around 2 months), cured (4-6 months) and aged (over 7 months).


Weight: 3 kg / 1 kg / wedges

Ripeness: 2, 4 y 7 months

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Castilla y León