Idiazabal Cheese P.D.O.

Idiazabal Cheese P.D.O. is a traditionally crafted semi-soft cheese by the shepherds from the Basque Country and Navarra, close to the Spanish Pyrenees. It is elaborated with raw fresh sheep milk from Latxa and Carranzana breeds.

Idiazabal P.D.O. is slowly ripened and naturally smoked with beech or cherry wood. The rind is closed, smooth and waxy, without mould and of a yellow-beige color in non-smoked cheeses and an ochre color in smoked cheeses.

A matured rich cheese with a perfume bouquet and rich, buttery flavor.

Idiazabal P.D.O. can be enjoyed thinly sliced with fresh bread and red wine making it the perfect snack. It is also delicious melted in the oven, as a complement for grilled meats, salads or as a distinctive part of an elegant meal.

PDO: yes

Weight: 3kg/wedges

Ripeness: 4-6 months

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Pais Vasco

Region: País Vasco

Ripeness: 4-6 months

PDO: Yes

Weight: 3kg/1kg/250g

Milk: Raw sheep’s milk

Packaging: Vacuum