Monte Enebro Cheese

Monte Enebro cheese is a unique Spanish cheese produced in the beautiful Tiétar Valley, located in the Castilla y León region, a well-known producer of cheese. Monte Enebro cheese is exclusively produced in a small family-run dairy that has been combining tradition and modern technology since 1983. The milk used comes from local goatherds, making the production limited.

Monte Enebro cheese is a soft-ripened, cave cured, goat log well-known for its distinctive creaminess that melts in the palate. The paste is dense and of an intense white color with a moldy rind due to the addition of penicillium roqueforti. The taste is smooth and slightly lactic due to the curdling process (similar to yoghurt) at the beginning, growing more intense, and ending up with an exquisite long aftertaste. When aged, it acquires more complex and intense flavors and aromas. The aroma is reminiscent of mushrooms, herbs, hay and hazelnuts.

Monte Enebro is great on its own or ideal for cooking, working especially well with spices and aromatic herbs. Fantastic with white wines fermented in barrels and from aromatic varietals.

PDO: Yes

Weight: 1,4KG

Ripeness: 25 days

Packaging: Microperforated plastic


Region: Castilla y León