Murcia al Vino cheese P.D.O.

Murcia al Vino cheese P.D.O. is a very popular cheese in Spain, a must on every cheese tray. The cheese has a burgundy color rind and a strong winy bouquet because it is soaked in local red wine. Its paste is of an intense white color with a creamy, dense elastic texture and a mild flavor. It is rich in content, fine and creamy, fruity with an elegant flavor of goat’s milk.

Villavieja Murcia al Vino cheese P.D.O. is produced in a family-run dairy situated in the heart of the Murcia region. Rufino and his three siblings continue the tradition started by their father 20 years ago, turning the unique milk of the Murciano goats into an extraordinary cheese.

The milk comes only from the local Murciana goat breed that graze freely. The milk of these goats is considered one of the finest goat milks as it has a rich sweet flavor and is not as sour as other goat milks.

An excellent addition to any cheese tray, it is highly recommended as an appetizer with crusty fresh bread or crackers, or melted on top of your favorite sandwich. Best served alongside a Spanish red wine.

Awarded with Bronze medal at 2017 World Cheese Awards, Gold medal at 2016 World Cheese Awards, Gold at DLG 2011 / German Agricultural Association, the Bronze medal at 2010 World Cheese Awards and Silver in Wisconsin.

PDO: Yes

Weight: 2 kg / 600 g / wedges

Ripeness: 2 months

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Murcia