Organic Manchego Cheese (P.D.O.)

Our organic Manchego Cheese P.D.O. is produced in a farm home with 1.800 Manchega sheep. The ewes are milked twice a day, always at the same time in the morning and in the evening, as they need a strict routine. Half of the farm’s area is used to grow the crops necessary to feed these sheep.

This farmhouse cheese reflects the characteristics of the soil, climate, sun and the sheep’s nourishment from one season to another. A Manchego PDO that preserves the flavors, aromas and memories of ancient times.

Our organic Manchego PDO comes from the same dairy as our award-wining Organic Sheep cheese with Rosemary and Honey

PDO: Yes

Weight: 2 kg / wedges

Ripeness: 2-3 months

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Castilla La Mancha