Organic sheep cheese with rosemary and honey

Since 1966, three families run this organic farm. This family dairy produces cheese made only with milk from their own flock: 1,800 cattle heads of Manchega sheep. Half of the area is used to cultivate the cereals needed to feed the sheep.

This organic farmhouse cheese with rosemary and honey is patent-protected and is the result of the quest for developing a harmonious cheese that could blend the unique aroma of the cheese with the sweet aroma of the land. The result is a soft cheese, with a slight taste of rosemary and honey without forfeiting the intense flavor of the Manchega sheep milk.

Each cheese is unique and its flavor varies according to the characteristics of the soil, the climate, the sun and the nourishment that the sheep receive every season of the year. It is a cheese that preserves the flavors, aromas and memories from ancient times.

Awarded the Silver medal at the 2010 Wisconsin International Cheese Contest


Weight: 2kg

Ripeness: 2 months

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Castilla La Mancha