Roncal Cheese (P.D.O.)

Roncal Cheese P.D.O. is an artisanal raw sheep cheese from Navarra Pyrenees.

Miquel is one of the few artisanal cheese makers left in the Roncal Valley ensuring the survival of the ancient tradition of turning the best Latxa mountain sheep milk into his famous artisanal Roncal P.D.O. cheese.

The raw milk cheese reflects all the richness of the pastures of the valley. Slowly ripened in mountain air over the course of 8 months, our Roncal P.D.O. cheese has a rustic, nutty and olive flavor and a moist, smooth texture. It is protected by its natural hard, pale, gray-brown rind.
It is an exceptional cheese that reflects the century old traditional process upheld by shepherds in the mountains of Roncal.

Accompaniments: Serrano ham, Bonvallis Marcona almonds, olives and membrillo (quince paste) all pair wonderfully with this tasty cheese. It can also be enjoyed grated or in thin slices to accompany vegetables. It also pairs wonderfully with Tempranillo and Grenache. Also perfect for chefs improving all hot dishes and elegant food.

Awarded with the Silver medal at the 2014 World Cheese Awards and the Gold medal at the 2022 World Cheese Awards


PDO: yes

Weight: 3kg, 2kg, 1kg, wedges

Ripeness: Min 4 months

Packaging: Natural


Region: Navarra

Region: Burgui, Navarra

Ripeness: min. 4 months

PDO: Yes


Milk: Raw Latxa and Entrefina sheep’s milk

Packaging: Natural