San Simón Cheese P.D.O.

Surrounded to the west and north by the Atlantic Ocean and by mountains from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, Galicia has always been a remote region of Spain. This isolation fostered an ancient cheese culture. Here the Galicia cows graze on the lush green pastures and bear milk that its people have been making into cheese for generations.

San Simon P.D.O. is made from pasteurized milk of the Rubia, Gallega, Pardo-Alpina and Frisona cow breeds.

It is a semi-soft rather elastic paste cheese with a hard, smooth, birch-smoked rind. It’s aged two to four weeks, lightly pressed and then gently smoked for two weeks after leaving the mold. It has a conical shape and a full but not extreme flavor that is buttery and sweet in the mouth with a smoky aftertaste that ranges from mild to piquant.

It can be enjoyed with fruit based desserts. Serve with celery, fresh bread, hazelnuts or green apples tart. Melts easily and adds great flavor to casseroles and poultry. Serve as part of tapas with chorizo, olives and Marcona almonds. Pairs with white wines or brut cava.

PDO: yes

Weight: 800g

Ripeness: Min 45 days

Packaging: Protected Atmosphere


Region: Galicia