Soft cheese – tierno

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The cheeses from this factory are produce with their own cows that are raised semi-extensively in the meadows surroundings. 6 years ago we set our own quality targets, to produce raw milk cheeses above even european standards.

The result is artisanal products, fresh, with an authentic flavor of our land and guarantee of origin.

Fatty soft cheese made from raw cow’s milk with a maturation of at least 7 days, coming from our own farms.

Due to the fact it is made with raw milk it preserves the aromas and flavors of the area. it is a cheese that is always evolving and at each time of the year it collects the characteristics of the natural feeding of the cattle.


Weight: 0,5kg / 1kg / 1,5kg / 2kg / 3kg

Ripeness: Min. 7 days


Region: Galicia