Soft-Ripened goat cheese from Miraflores

This soft-ripened goat cheese from the mountainous area of Miraflores, in Madrid, is covered in a silky white mold. It is all-natural, with no preservatives at all.

The texture is extremely creamy like a Brie cheese. The flavor is mild and lactic when the cheese is young, turning into a powerful cheese, full of aroma and flavor, when it is aged for longer. It has a long-lasting flavor with an aftertaste of mushrooms and nuts. A piece for true cheese lovers.

This delicacy is also available made with goat milk. Also see our award-winning press paste goat cheese from the same dairy.

It pairs well with dry white wines, cava and wheat beers. It is fantastic spread on crunchy toasted bread.


Weight: 450g

Ripeness: 10-20 days

Packaging: Wax paper


Region: Madrid