Tetilla Spanish Cheese P.D.O.

There is mention of Tetilla Spanish Cheese P.D.O. in historic texts dating as far back as 1.753. It was a home made cheese from Galicia, in the north of Spain, that quickly became the most famous Galician cheese and one of the most popular Spanish cheeses.

Tetilla Cheese P.D.O. is made from pasteurized milk of Rubia, Frisona or Pardo-Alpina cow breeds and is ripened for about 15 days. It has a characteristic recognizable conic shape, origin of the name Tetilla: little breast.

Bonvallis Tetilla Cheese P.D.O. has a yellowish paste with a semi-soft creamy and elastic texture. The rind is waxy and yellow and its flavor is mild, lactic, fresh and slightly salty.

Excellent as a snack with ham, salami, fruit and bread. It is typically consumed as a dessert with quince paste or honey. It melts easily and provides the ideal complement to any dish calling for melted cheese. Tetilla Cheese P.D.O. goes well with a fine Sherry and its creamy flavor pairs wonderfully with white wines, red Crianza and Reserva red.

PDO: Yes

Weight: 800g

Ripeness: 15 days

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Galicia