Vega de Llos Valdeón P.G.I.

Fuente los Ángeles Valdeón P.G.I. is a very fine blue cheese made using traditional methods with milk from cows and goats in the Valdeón Valley. Located in the outstanding Picos de Europa mountain range, northwest area of Castilla y León region, the region is a well-known producer of cheese since the pre-roman era, with cold and long winters, fresh and short summers and high humidity rates. Traditionally, the cheeses are matured in natural limestone caves and then wrapped in sycamore leaves, a distinctive sign of this cheese.

Fuente los Ángeles Valdeón is produced only in one dairy in the world, a family dairy run by two brothers and their children for over 35 years.

Valdeón has a creamy texture with numerous and irregular evenly distributed eyes. The paste is ivory white with grey tones and bluish-green veins due to the penicillium mold. The taste is slightly piquant, rich and buttery in the palate, with acid and saline touches and a long aftertaste.

Excellent with Excelente con Bonvallis Olive Oil Tortas, fresh bread, crackers or fruit trays. Try it with Serrano ham, piquillo peppers, meaty olives and peppery olive oil and a good Spanish red wine.

Awarded the Gold, Bronze and Silver medals at 2014, 2013 and 2011 World Cheese Awards and Cincho de Oro.


Weight: 2,3k / 500g / cuñas

Ripeness: 2 months

Packaging: Aluminium


Region: Castilla y León