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Since 1.994, Quorum the Spanish Fine Cheese Company is a Spanish cheese manufacturers’ association aimed at preserving and supporting the traditional art of Spanish cheese making.

Present in 20 countries, Quorum the Spanish Fine Cheese Companyprovides a large range of internationally awarded Spanish cheeses carefully manufactured in the different regions of Spain combining tradition, modern technology and the best milk from local breeds.


We also offer a wide range of cheese accompaniments: traditional Spanish products that pair perfectly with cheese and strengthen its flavor and boost it sales, such as Dry Fruit Cakes, Olive Oil Tortas, Marcona almonds and quince paste.


What we offer


We supply more than 75 types of cheese (pasteurized and raw milk, blue cheese, cow, sheep, goat’s milk cheeses and also blended milk cheeses) , including most of the different 23 PDOs recognized in Spain (Manchego, Murcia al Vino, Roncal, Idiazabal, Zamorano, Mahón, Cabrales…). Our cheeses are made from the different types of milks and their blends, both pasteurized and raw, and from artisan dairies spread all over Spain.

Our cheese line has been awarded with both nationally and internationally awards.


We supply a full line of traditional Spanish products that pair perfectly with cheese, working as an effective cross-marketing tool. They have been successfully introduced in the most demanding countries such as Germany, Holland, Sweden, the US, Australia or UK.

Improve your cheese sales by combining it with our best sellers.

Why choose Quorum

At Quorum we believe in long-term partnership. After 20 years in the food business, we can proudly say that we have developed a long-distance race with our family-run dairies to get the Spanish flavours around the world.

Our customers, HORECA importers, distributors and supermarkets located all over the world, enjoy the advantages of working with Quorum.