Bonvallis Sheep Cheese

Bonvallis sheep cheese is made from pasteurized or raw sheep milk in the region of Castilla y Leon, a major producer of cheeses in Spain. It has a pleasant and delicious bouquet, which is tangy and fruity, with a pleasantly salty finish. Coming from the same dairy as our award-winning Bonvallis Iberico, Bonvallis Castellano and Bonvallis sheep cheeses, it is available both ripened for 6 months and for 10 months.

Try Bonvallis sheep cheese fresh in salads, melted in a gourmet sandwich or served on a charcuterie dish with Spanish Serrano ham.


Weight: 3 kg / 1 kg / wedges

Ripeness: 6 or 10 months.

Packaging: Vacuum


Region: Castilla y León