Montcabrer Cheese

Montcabrer is an artisanal semi firm pasteurized goat cheese from Catalonia with a grey rind, due to the mold that grows on it during the ripening process

The paste is closed and slightly elastic, of ivory color and with no eyes. Montcabrer cheese has an intense mineral aroma, with mild notes of goat milk. The flavor is medium-intense with a milky and somewhat acidic entrance, giving way to clean and pronounced mineral notes. Hints of walnuts and toasted notes appear at the end. Overall it is a very personal cheese, markedly mineral.

Montcabrer is a very versatile cheese in cuisine. It pairs well with different types of bread, strawberry jam, fresh fruit -such as grapes, dates or figs- and with olive paste; with sweets and raw nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, macadamia nuts or candied walnuts. It is ideal in fresh and warm salads, in carrot or pumpkin cream, grilled or grated on pasta, with chicory, anchovies, smoked salmon or for making custards or cheesecakes. Pairs well with Pinot Noir wines.

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Weight: 1,3kg/500g

Ripeness: 2 months

Packaging: Vaccum


Region: Cataluña