Zamorano Cheese (P.D.O.)

Zamorano Cheese P.D.O. is produced in Zamora, in the Castilla and León area, a well-known cheese producing area since the pre-roman era, with its long cold winters and very warm summers.

Félix is one of the most outstanding cheese makers of Spain. His farmhouse dairy takes great care of the smallest details, reason for which the production is very limited and each cheese is basically a piece of art. Three brothers and their three wives follow a six generations old shepherd tradition. The milk used comes all from its own 2000 heads Churra sheep. The family decided to return to this ancient tradition with the aim of elaborating a very high quality cheese made from pure sheep milk at a time when only large and industrialized productions were carried out, ensuring the unity of the family in the process. Processes are very artisanal and cheeses are turned over by hand. The cheese is slowly ripened for over 7 months in special cellars with high humidity environment to encourage the formation of a natural rind. Every cheese comes with its own wax seal.

Zamorano Cheese P.D.O. has a natural rind, with no dyes. The paste is pale to strong yellow in color with small, irregular eyes. The flavor is developed and intense without being too strong. It is piquant but not aggressive, buttery and oily in the mouth and persistent on the palate with an aroma of wine cellars and an aftertaste of walnuts. Subtle hints of caramel and grass burst through the buttery nature of the cheese, making it ideal to serve with ham, fruit and some crusty bread. The potency of this mature sheep’s milk cheese counterbalances well with Crianza red wine from Spain

Awarded with the Gold medal at the 2010 World Cheese Awards and Bronze medal at the 2010 Wisconsin Cheese Contest


PDO: Yes

Weight: 3kg/1kg/wedges

Ripeness: 7-9 months

Packaging: Natural


Region: Castilla y León

Region: Zamora

Ripeness: 4-9 months

PDO: Yes

Weight: 3kg/1kg

Milk: Raw sheep’s milk

Packaging: Natural